How to Change Oil on an MTD Snowblower

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Things You'll Need

  • SAE 30 weight motor oil

  • Container for used oil

  • Towel or rag to wipe dipstick

Keep fresh oil in an MTD snowblower.

Whether it is a snowthrower, snow blower, lawn mower or rototiller, the small engines that power these machines require oil to operate. MTD recommends checking the oil after every five hours of use. Changing the oil, however, may not be needed for up to 25 hours of operation. Some units do not have a separate oil compartment. They operate on a mix of gasoline and 2-stroke oil and, if properly mixed, do not require separate oil changes.


Step 1

Run the machine until the fuel tank is empty. Detach the sparkplug wire to ensure the machine does not start while it is being serviced.

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Step 2

Remove oil cap and the dipstick. Tilt the snowblower on its side to drain the oil into an old milk carton or other disposable container.


Step 3

Place the snowblower on a level surface. Add SAE 30 weight motor oil. Make sure to not overfill the oil tank.

Step 4

Replace dipstick and oil cap. Properly dispose of the old oil based on local and state regulations.


Allowing the unit to run before you change the oil warms the oil and makes it easier to drain from the machine.



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