The Oil Capacity of a Kohler Command 15

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A well-oiled mower can make for a good lawn cut.

The Kohler Command 15HP engine powers mowers made by companies like Cub Cadet. These engines can operate at a high capacity to ensure you can take care of your lawn care needs. But they can't operate without an efficient oil lubrication system. Ensure you have the right amount of oil to keep your Kohler engine running.


Oil Capacity

The oil capacity measures how much oil you can put in a mower. It's important not to overfill a mower or oil will spill into the combustion chamber or exhaust, causing heavy smoke and starting delays. For the Kohler 15HP Command engine, the oil capacity is 1.9 Liters.


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Oil Maintenance Schedule

To ensure your Kohler 15HP Command engine has an efficient lubrication system, stick to the maintenance schedule as outlined in the service manual. Before you start work, check the oil level to ensure it is full. While the 15HP Command does have an oil sentry that prevents it from operating if levels are low, you don't want it to cut you off in the middle of mowing. After Every 100 hours of operation, change the oil. And for every 200 hours, change the oil filter.


Checking Oil

To check the oil, make sure your mower is on an even level and it's cold. Locate the oil filler cap on your Kohler 15HP. When you unscrew the cap you will see a dipstick attached to it. Wipe the dipstick clean and, without touching the fill port edges, reinsert it. Then pull it back out and look to see where the oil mark is. It should lie between the "F" and the "L", which are full and low, respectively. Add oil as necessary and replace the cap.


Change Oil and Filter

Change the oil filter with every other oil change. First make sure the mower is level. Turn it on for five minutes and then turn it off. This lets the oil go into the Kohler engine, collect any debris, and come back into the oil reservoir. Open up the oil fill port cap and set it to the side. Place a bucket underneath the oil drain plug on the carburetor side and open it. Let the oil drain until it's done. Close the drain port.


Place the bucket under the oil filter and open up its drain plug, letting the old oil flow until it's done. Close the drain port, unscrew the old filter and replace it. Refill the oil into the oil fill port and then close it. Wipe everything clean and then run your mower to ensure there are no oil leaks.



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