How to Remove Vinyl Fence Posts

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Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose

  • Posthole digger

  • Helper

Vinyl fences are a longer-lasting alternative to standard wood fences. Another advantage of vinyl fences is that you can relocate them if necessary. The fence slats and rails connect with screw-and-bolt fasteners to the posts. Once you remove the fencing materials, only the posts are left. The procedure for removing vinyl posts differs from that used for standard posts. Unlike standard posts, you should not rock vinyl posts back and forth, as this could damage them. Most vinyl fence corner posts are sleeves placed over 4-by-4-inch posts and set in concrete.


Step 1

Wet the ground thoroughly around the vinyl fence posts with a garden hose. This softens the soil around the post for easier digging.

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Step 2

Dig straight down on each side of a post with a posthole digger. Vinyl fence posts usually are set in holes just large enough to accommodate them. This requires less concrete fill and less room required when removing them.


Step 3

Continue digging on all four sides until you reach the bottom of the post. Vinyl fence posts are typically set 2- to 3-feet deep. Have a friend assist in pulling the fence post out of the ground.


Some fence posts are not set in concrete and will not require an assistant to help pull them out of the ground. If posthole diggers are not available, you can dig around the post with a shovel. Posthole diggers are available for rent at some home-improvement centers.


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