How to Use Dough Hooks on a Hand Mixer

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Kneading isn't necessary if you have dough hooks.

Almost any electric hand mixer can use dough hook attachments for all types of homemade bread. Dough hook attachments eliminate the need for expensive bread machines or stand mixers. These strange looking hooks can be confusing, and even a bit intimidating if you've never used them before. The use of dough hooks on a hand mixer is essentially the same as using any other mixer attachments, so the process is easy to pick up as long as you have some experience with hand mixers.


Step 1

Combine the bread dough ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Leave plenty of empty space at the top of the bowl to reduce the amount of spillover from the ingredients.

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Step 2

Plug the dough hook attachments into the hand mixer. For most mixers, you simply need to push the attachments into the holes on the bottom of the mixer until they snap into place. The points of the dough hooks should point toward one another.

Step 3

Plug the mixer into an electrical outlet. Stick the dough hooks in the center of the mixing bowl so they're partially covered by the dough ingredients.

Step 4

Set the mixer to medium speed and move it around the the mixing bowl to combine all of the ingredients. Mix it just enough that the ingredients combine and the dough has an even consistency, which should take no more than five minutes. If you mix it for too long, it can result in a dense, tough dough.

Step 5

Let the dough rise according to the recommendation for your particular recipe.


Mixing dough can be hard on a hand mixer with a weak motor.

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