How to Get Rid of The Burnt Taste in Soup

Fixing kitchen mishaps takes trial and error and patience. In many instances, several solutions must be tried before finding something to work. The same is true when fixing burnt soup. Unlike other foods, the liquid texture of soup results in a burnt flavor permeating the entire dish. Counter this flavor by balancing or masking it with other ingredients and save your soup.

Things You'll Need

  • Extra pot

  • Ketchup, tomato sauce or Worcestershire sauce

  • Liquid smoke or smoked ham or smoked sausage chunks

Step 1

Remove the cooking pot from the stove as soon as you notice your soup burning.

Step 2

Fill the sink halfway with water and submerge the soup pot into the sink so the water in the sink comes parallel to the level of the soup in the pot.

Step 3

Transfer the unburnt portion to a second cooking pot. Leave behind any burnt bits in the first pot. Soak that pot with soap and water for one hour before scrubbing to ease cleaning.

Step 4

Add enough fresh water to the pot to replace any of the burnt liquid.

Step 5

Return the cooking pot to the heat and slowly heat to finish cooking the soup.

Step 6

Taste the soup and add a dash of tomato ketchup or puree or Worcestershire sauce if it still tastes burnt.

Step 7

Toss in a dash of liquid smoke or some smoked ham or smoked sausage to mask the burnt, smoky flavor or make the smoky flavor seem natural and deliberate.


Liquid smoke is a concentrated smoke flavor found with the barbecue sauce in most grocery stores.

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