How to Clean a Hardwood Floor Discolored From a Rug

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Steel wool

  • Wood floor cleaner

  • Floor sander

  • Finish

Hardwood floors can get dirty fast.

Many homeowners take great pride in the condition of their home, particularly areas like hardwood floors. No matter how careful you are with your hardwood floors, however, damage may be inevitable. For example, if you leave a rug lying on your hardwood floors for too long, it can cause discoloration. Also, if liquid is spilled on a rug and seeps onto your hardwood floor, this also can cause discoloration. Some basic cleaning techniques can be applied to restore your hardwood floor.


Step 1

Sweep up any loose dust or debris from the discolored area of your hardwood floor.

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Step 2

Buff the floor gently with a piece of steel wool if it has a varnish or urethane finish. This can remove some of the discoloration.


Step 3

Clean the area thoroughly using a wood floor cleaner. The floor cleaner will remove oil and wax finish. Sometimes this is enough to remove the discoloration.

Step 4

Use a professional floor sander to completely remove the finish if the discoloration still can be seen.


Step 5

Refinish the area using the same color and type of finish that's currently on your hardwood floor. This should completely restore the color.


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