How to Clean Sticky Hardwood Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Bucket

  • Mop

  • Water

  • Vinegar

Hardwood floors are a costly but desirable flooring option for many homes, as the wood is long lasting and durable. When a sticky residue is left behind from food spills or dirt tracked in on shoes, the soiled area requires a strong cleaning solution. You must use a solution that will not deteriorate or discolor the hardwood floor.


Step 1

Vacuum your floors if you have heavy buildup or larger pieces of debris that need removed.

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Step 2

Pour 1 cup white vinegar and 1 gallon warm water into a bucket.

Step 3

Stir the solution with your cleaning mop, and squeeze out the mop.


Step 4

Mop the sticky hardwood floors with enough pressure to remove the sticky substance. Rinse the mop and repeat as needed.

Step 5

Let your floors air-dry.


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