How to Make a Decorative Black Crow

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Things You'll Need

  • 6-inch by 12-inch Styrofoam block

  • Knife

  • Black feathers

  • 2 small black beads

  • Black wire

  • Wire cutters

  • White glue

  • Black acrylic pain

  • Paintbrush

Crows grow up to 21 inches in length.

The black crow, also known as the carrion crow, is a common omnivorous bird in America. According to Candace Savage, author of "Bird Brains," the crow has become a symbol of spirituality and the holiday of Halloween. Black crow decorations work well for a spooky Halloween display and for year-round interior décor. You can construct a black crow with a few simple crafting materials for a customized home decoration.


Step 1

Sculpt the general shape of a crow's body into the Styrofoam block. Use the knife to shave away small amounts of the block at a time until you have a general crow-like shape. One end should taper slightly for the tail while the other should point for the crow's beak.

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Step 2

Coat the Styrofoam crow body in white glue and begin to attach black feathers to it. Lay the feathers so that they all lie flat against the bird, pointing toward the tail for a realistic appeal. Leave the beak of the crow as exposed foam and use long feathers for its tail. Allow the glue to dry for six hours.


Step 3

Paint the exposed beak of the crow with the black acrylic paint.

Step 4

Glue a black bead onto either side of the crow's head for its eyes. Allow the glue and paint to dry for six hours.


Step 5

Cut two 4-inch lengths of black wire with the wire cutters.

Step 6

Fold the wire in half and bend the ends of the wire at right angles one inch from the bottom to form two toes. Do this with both pieces of wire.


Step 7

Stick the rounded ends of the wire crow's feet into the foam at the base of the crow's body one inch apart from each other to complete the decorative crow.


This method works well when constructing multiple decorative crows at once. Never allow a child to handle a knife unsupervised.


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