How to Make Scars With Liquid Latex

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The problem with fake scars sold in stores is the inexpensive ones look cheap and fake, while the realistic-looking ones may be a bit beyond budget or aren't exactly what you had in mind. Instead of buying, make your own fake scars from liquid latex, facial tissue and makeup, creating the exact scar size and style you need for your costume.



Some people are allergic to latex. Place a drop of liquid latex on your arm -- or on the arm of the person you're making the scar for -- and wait 10 or 15 minutes. If the skin becomes red or feels itchy, you or your friend may be sensitive or allergic to latex and should not use it.

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid latex

  • Disposable cup

  • Craft stick or plastic spoon

  • Tissue

  • Fake blood or red acrylic paint (optional)

  • Foundation makeup

  • Red and black eyeshadow (or desired colors)

Let's Get Gory: Creating a Latex Scar

Creating a faux scar in place, exactly where you want it, allows you to shape it right on your skin to customize its appearance. Wash your skin before applying the latex to it. Keep in mind that latex clings to hair, so choose the scar location wisely to prevent pain when you remove the scar.


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Step 1

Pour some liquid latex into a disposable cup. Pour in more than you think you'll need so you can add layers to the scar.

Step 2

Scoop some of the latex out with a craft stick or plastic spoon and apply a thin layer to the desired scar location


Step 3

Tear a piece of facial or toilet tissue and place it over the wet latex. The tissue should be slightly smaller than the latex area.

Step 4

Add another layer of latex, followed by more tissue, if desired; extra layers allow you to create thick scars or deep indented scars. Shape the wet latex a bit with a craft stick or plastic spoon. Allow the latex to dry.


Step 5

Pick at the tissue, pulling some of it up to create holes in the faux scar tissue to create gash-style scars or scars from deep burns.

Step 6

Apply foundation makeup matching your skin tone over the entire scar. Use only a little at a time, adding more as needed, dabbing it on with your fingers.

Step 7

Add colors using red, black and/or yellow eye shadow to create the desired effects.


Create the scar on a clean piece of flat glass instead of on skin, if desired. Use toothpicks or a dull knife to shape gash-style scars. Once the scar dries, peel it off the glass and apply it to your skin using spirit gum to hold it in place.

If you're making a large, heavy scar directly on your skin, apply spirit gum to your skin first, then a layer of tissue, then the liquid latex.