How to Make Fake Eyebrows Out of Cotton

False eyebrows are often utilized for Halloween parties, costume parties and theatrical shows. Look at pictures of different eyebrow styles and shapes, such as the eyebrows of Brooke Shields, Audrey Hepburn, Joan Crawford, drag queens, Albert Einstein or Spock from "Star Trek" for ideas. If you are short on cash but need to make a pair of false eyebrows for a show or party, look no further than your own bathroom, as cotton balls are ideal for quick, simple false eyebrows.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton balls (2)

  • Brown or black marker (optional)

  • Brown or black paint (optional)

  • Eyelash adhesive

Step 1

Thin out one or two cotton balls, depending on how many brow sets you would like to make, into your chosen eyebrow shape. Gently pull on the cotton and twirl it to shape it into eyebrows. If you are going to make thinner eyebrows, tear the cotton ball in half before you begin shaping them; otherwise, the fake eyebrows will remain quite bushy.

Step 2

Add color to the eyebrows with brown or black marker, if desired. Use light amounts of paint in place of the markers if you are using the cotton balls for texture only and are attaching the cotton to another material. Eyebrows may also be left white for costume purposes.

Step 3

Place a small amount of false eyelash adhesive on the back of the eyebrows when ready to wear.


Other false eyebrow options include eyebrow stencil kits, where the eyebrows are drawn on with makeup pencils, and eyebrow wigs. Eyebrow wigs are made out of synthetic or human hair and sit on a skin-like base. Such wigs are often used for those who lost their eyebrows due to a disease or injury.

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