Scotch Thermal Laminator Instructions

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You can protect important documents, make a variety of crafts and create fun wipe-off worksheets for children using the Scotch thermal laminator. Scotch produces models that can accommodate many different document sizes. While precise specifications vary from machine to machine, the general instructions for operation remain the same.


Thermal Laminating Machines

Thermal laminating machines feature either two rollers or four rollers. These rollers help feed your document through the machines, using heat to seal thermal laminating pouches around a sheet of paper, card stock or other material. While thermal laminating machines can accommodate maximum paper widths of 9 inches or 12.3 inches, depending upon the model, you can laminate smaller documents as well, such as recipe cards and gift tags.


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This machine will not work without the coordinating laminating pouches, and the Scotch brand is recommended.

Using the Laminator

Step 1

Plug the Scotch thermal laminating machine in, and turn it on using the power button. The packaging or included instructions should provide a heat-up time. Most machines take between 1 and 6 minutes to heat up. If there's an input tray, make sure it's up and ready to receive paper.


Step 2

While you are waiting for your machine to heat up, prepare your document. Choose a laminating pouch that's slightly larger than the document. Each laminating pouch consists of two sheets adhered together at the edge. Pull the two sheets apart enough to slide your document inside the pouch.


Step 3

Once the laminator has warmed up, carefully insert your document, inside the laminator sheet, into the top of the machine. Guide the paper gently with your hand until the rollers grab the paper. Let go and let the rollers control the feed from there. If the laminator sheet is hazy or unsealed somewhere, repeat step 3. Thicker laminating pouches sometimes need to pass through the laminator twice.



Do not push or pull the document through the machine. Let it pass through at the machine's pace.

Step 4

Once the sheet has exited the laminating machine, move it to a flat surface until it cools down. If the document is close to the edge of the laminating pouch, you are finished. If the document is smaller than the laminating pouch, take a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer and trim away the excess laminating sheet.


Some laminator machines feature a reverse button that can be used if the document gets stuck or enters at an angle.

Step 5

Turn off the laminator and wait for it to cool down before putting it away.



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