How to Use a Cricut Machine With Your Computer

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Things You'll Need

  • Cricut die cutting machine

  • Computer

  • USB cord

  • Design Studio software

The Cricut machine is a die cutting machine that is great for all kinds of paper crafts. It is very simple to use and it takes very little time to connect your computer to your Cricut machine. You can design an entire scrapbook layout on your computer and cut it out with a click of a button. Connecting your computer up to your Cricut machine is a great way to save time and paper when working on a large project.


Step 1

Purchase or download the Design Studio software. You can find it in your local craft stores or online for about $80. This software is needed before you can connect your Cricut machine to your computer.

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Step 2

Update your Cricut machine with the latest software updates. It is important that you have the latest software version of the Design Studio software so that you can use it with the latest Cricut cartridges.

Step 3

Design your project on your computer. You are able to see the images of every Cricut cartridge, but you will not be able to cut the images if you do not own the cartridge. The Design Studio software shows the Cricut mat so you know where exactly the images and words are going to be.

Step 4

Prepare your Cricut for cutting the images. Keep the cartridges of the images you have selected nearby, as you will be popping them in as the machine instructs you to do so. Lay your card stock down on the sticky board and load it into the machine.


Step 5

Press the "Cut" button on your Design Studio software and watch Cricut cut your images. Select a lower speed to ensure clear cutting.


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