How to Fold a One Piece Leather Coin Purse

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Things You'll Need

  • Thin tooling leather

  • Craft knife

  • Ruler

  • Compass

  • Protractor

  • Pen

  • Butter knife

  • Small hardcover book

Loose change quickly becomes unwieldy without something to store it in.

Most coin purse designs require sewing, or at the very least the attachment of a closure device of some sort, but you can make a functional, attractive leather coin purse by cutting out a single piece of leather and folding it. That single piece becomes both the purse and the closure with no need for stitching or other work.

Step 1

Draw a 3-inch diameter circle with a compass onto the rough side of a thin piece of tooling leather.

Step 2

Draw a six-pointed star on the leather with a ruler and protractor. The inner points of the star should be on the edges of the circle and every corner should be 60 degrees. The inner points of this star will be your "A" points, and its outer points will be your "B" points.

Step 3

Draw a larger six-pointed star by lining up a ruler on two neighboring "A" points and drawing a line extending past the "B" points in both directions, then repeating this with each pair of neighboring "A" points. The outer points of this star will be your "C" points.

Step 4

Draw curved lines connecting each "C" point to the "B" points on either side of it to create a flower-like shape, making sure to leave the very outer tips of each "petal" slightly pointed.

Step 5

Cut the flower shape out of the leather with a craft knife.

Step 6

Press the back of a butter knife into the rough side of the leather along half of the lines of the original six-pointed star (either the left side of each point or the right side of each point), as well as in straight lines connecting each "A" point to its corresponding "C" point. These grooves will help the purse fold properly.

Step 7

Pinch each "petal" upward so that the lines connecting the "A" and "C" points crease upward, then fold the creased "petal" over the nearest groove made in the original star. With all of the "petals" folded over this way at the same time, they should all interlock and close the purse.

Step 8

Open the purse back up and lightly dampen every crease on the inside of the purse, then close it again.

Step 9

Place a small hardcover book on top of the closed purse and leave it overnight to set the creases.