How to Use Correction Tape

Correction tape is a useful tool for editing printed text or text written by hand in ink. Most types of correction tape are designed to completely cover the undesired text, be nearly invisible on white paper and be written over immediately. Correction tape is available both as a large spool for use in a typewriter and as a handheld device for use on handwritten text or other projects.

Use Handheld Correction Tape

Step 1

Place the paper that needs a correction on a firm, flat surface such as a table or counter top.

Step 2

Hold the correction tape applicator over the beginning of the writing you would like to correct.

Step 3

Set the tip of the correction tape applicator on the paper so the entire width of the tape is in contact with the paper and the bottom edge of the tape lines up with the bottom of the line to be corrected. Hold the applicator away from the paper at an angle so only the tip of the tape is touching the paper.

Step 4

Apply firm pressure to the correction tape applicator as you move it slowly across the text you would like to correct.

Step 5

Pick the correction tape applicator up off the paper to break the correction tape.

Step 6

Repeat the process to cover the remainder of the line if the text was too tall to be covered with one strip of correction tape.

Use Typewriter Correction Tape

Step 1

Press the "Correct" key on the typewriter to apply automatic correction tape to the previous letter typed. The key usually is a backwards arrow containing an "X" in the middle and is located near the "Backspace" key, depending on the model of typewriter.

Step 2

Press the "Backspace" key to move back to the end of any other character (rather than the immediately preceding one, as above) on the current line that needs to be corrected. Then press the "Correct" key as described above to activate the correction tape.

Step 3

Hold down the "Correct" key and type the letter that needs to be corrected if the area to be corrected is not stored in the electric typewriter's memory.


If you are looking for instructions on how to install correction tape on a typewriter, your typewriter's manual is the best source of information on this topic. Some manuals may be available online, if you've lost yours.

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