How to Remove Plastic Shelf Clips

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Screwdriver (blade or Phillips) Pliers

Step 1

Look underneath the shelf that will be removed to determine if there are screws inserted through the plastic shelf clip and into the shelf for support.


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Step 2

Remove books, equipment and other items from the shelf before beginning work. Remove any connecting screws with a Phillips or blade screwdriver.

Step 3

Raise the shelf up on one end to disengage it from the shelf clip. Tap up on the bottom of the shelf if the shelf is stuck somewhat. Remove the shelf by tilting it up on one end and sliding out.


Step 4

Pull the shelf clip from the hole into which it is positioned. Pull straight out with your fingers. Grip the clip with a pair of pliers, if necessary, and pull straight out taking care to not damage the plastic clip.

Step 5

Move to the next clip and repeat the procedure until all clips have been successfully removed.


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