How to Build a Hinged Wall Shelf

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Hinged wall shelves provide a versatile space for storage. The shelf can be dropped down when you need to place something on it and raised up and out of the way when not in use. A hinged shelf is an ideal shelf for a workshop or kitchen space. The ability to place a tool or kitchen appliance on an extra work surface makes for an efficient workspace. Select a hardwood such as maple or cherry for your hinged wall shelf. Not only are these woods beautiful, but they will be a durable and lasting shelving material.


Things You'll Need

  • Clear Spray Lacquer

  • Stud Finder

  • Metal Cutters

  • Hook And Eye Set

  • 32-Inch Piano Hinge, Screws Included

  • 1X4-Inch Board, 32 Inches Long

  • Screw Gun

  • Decorative Chain

  • Decorative-Head Wood Screws

  • 1X16-Inch Board, 32 Inches Long

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Step 1

Spray the 1x4x32-inch and 1x16x32-inch boards with two even coats of clear spray lacquer. Allow at least four hours between coats. Allow the final coat to dry 24 hours. The 1x4x32-inch board is the wall mount board. The 1x16x32-inch board is the shelf board.

Video of the Day

Step 2

Slide a stud finder along the wall in the area where you plan to mount the shelf. Mark the location of the nearest studs on the wall with a pencil.

Step 3

Center the wall mount board against the wall over the pencil marks at the desired height for the shelf. The 4x32-inch side of the board should be flush against the wall. Orient the board horizontally across the wall.

Step 4

Drive two decorative-head wood screws through the wall mount board into the wall at each stud marking with a screw gun.


Step 5

Align one half of the piano hinge with the top-front edge of the wall mount board. Drive the screws that were included with the hinge through the mounting holes into the front side of the wall mount board with a screw gun.

Step 6

Hold the bottom-back 32-inch edge of the shelf board in place over the other half of the hinge. Make sure that the shelf is aligned with the hinge. Drive the remaining included screws through the mounting holes into the bottom of the shelf board along the back edge with a screw gun.


Step 7

Measure 12 inches up from the top edge of the wall mount board at each end with a tape measure. Mark the measurements on the wall. Measure from the marked measurement to the front corners of the shelf. Cut the two lengths of decorative chain from the roll to the length of the measurement with metal cutters.


Step 8

Hold the chains from the marked measurements down to the front corners of the shelf. Drive a washer-head screw through the last link in each end of the chains into the wall and corner of the shelf respectively using a screw gun. This will secure the chains to the wall and shelf corners.

Step 9

Thread the eye in the hook and eye set into the center of the front edge of the shelf. Fold the shelf up against the wall. Hold the hook against the wall and hook it through the eye hook. Mark the wall with a pencil where the threaded part of the hook is located while it is hooked through the eye. Lower the shelf. Thread the hook into the wall at the pencil mark. Raise the shelf up and hook the hook through the eye to secure it in the closed position or lower it and allow it to be supported by the chains.


Select the metal hardware in a matching finish for a cohesive-looking hinged wall shelf project.


Wear eye protection when operating power tools. Apply spray lacquer in a well-ventilated workspace.


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