Wire Shelving Closet Repair

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Things You'll Need

  • Power screwdriver

  • Spackling compound

  • Scraper

  • New wire shelf brackets and screws

Wire shelving is a convenient and cost-effective way to expand closet storage space. Installing these shelves takes very little skill and experience, so even the average homeowner generally finds it very manageable. However, the shelves can break from time to time. Repairs center around replacing the wire shelf brackets, as this is the only part liable to break. It's basically the same as replacing the shelf system with a new one, except you already have all the parts you need. If you know how to install the shelves, you know how to fix them.


Step 1

Remove all products, clothes and objects from the wire shelving. Clear out all the shelves you need to repair. To give yourself more room, take anything off the shelves above and below the shelf you intend to repair.

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Step 2

Lift the wire shelving up from the front so the lip lifts out of the plastic bracket. Pop the back side of the shelf out of the back clips with your hands and remove the shelf. If the shelf itself is broken or bent, replace it with a new wire shelf of the same size.


Step 3

Locate the broken bracket. Usually, the brackets pull out of the drywall, or the ends break off. Remove the broken bracket by unscrewing the screw with a power screwdriver. If possible, you may also pull it straight out of the wall.

Step 4

Fill in the resulting hole with spackling compound. Use a plastic applicator or scraper to apply the spackling. Let this dry for several hours or as recommended on the label. The spackling compound turns bright white when completely dry.


Step 5

Redrill the mounting hole for the bracket with the power screwdriver and a 1/16-inch bit, 1 inch away from the old hole.

Step 6

Insert the new bracket into the new hole and screw it in place. Be sure to use drywall anchoring brackets, which expand when screwed into the wall.

Step 7

Replace the wire shelf by snapping the back into the brackets along the wall and lowering the lip into the brackets on the side wall.


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