How to Fix Christmas Animated Decorations

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Fix your animated Christmas decorations instead of replacing them.

Animated Christmas decorations are fun and they brighten up the holiday scenes displayed in yards, windows and on rooftops. A popular trend is setting up your animated decoration with Christmas lights that blink to the music. Other fun animated objects are Santa and his reindeer on the roof or in the yard along with elves and snowmen. Safety from fire hazards is important to remember when setting up animated Christmas decorations, especially if they stop working due to exposed electrical wiring. For Christmas light displays it will save time to check that all lights and rope lights are working properly before setting up. It's a lot easier to fix and maintain your animated decorations and lights, than to buy them new.


Step 1

Check your electrical connections. Often there are several electrical cords running from the power source to the animated decorations. If one of the power cords is not securely attached to the others or to the main power source this can cause your animations to pause or not operate correctly.

Step 2

Replace any broken lights. This is really noticeable if you have synchronized your lights to music. If you use the rope lights, you may find that one entire rope is broken and you will need to replace that section. If that happens you need to remove the section and then secure a new part of the rope display securely by connecting the male to the female end and the female to the male end.


Step 3

Run a scan on your computer, checking if the program for maintaining the music and light synchronization is working. You can use a virus scan program to check the specific application (just as you would if you wanted to scan a specific email or document) or if you are using a third party application for the animated lights, follow the wizard that comes with the program to fix any non-working components.

Step 4

For more intricate displays that have several mechanical moving parts it may be necessary to look at each part to see if a section needs replacing. For example, reindeer with moving heads may be shorted out or broken. In this case you can either order a replacement part from the manufacturer of purchase, or replace the entire reindeer.