How to Fix LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights last longer and provide more color options than regular lights, but they burn out on occasion. If you find a burned out light, you don't have to replace the whole strand. There's an easy way to fix your LED Christmas lights and save money.

LED lights are less expensive to run and last longer than incandescent lights.

Step 1

Plug in your LED Christmas light strand to see which lights will need to be replaced. Put a small sticker on the affected bulbs to make it easier to find them. Unplug the light strand.

Step 2

Pick which kind of LED you will need. There are typically two different types of LED bulbs that are used for Christmas lights, and they operate on different voltage levels. Blue, green or clear lights use 3.2 volts, while other colors will use 3.0 volts. If you do not match the voltage properly, it will change the color of the entire string of lights.

Step 3

Use a secondary string of lights as replacement bulbs. The easiest and most affordable way to fix LED Christmas lights is to have another strand available that you will not be using. You can harvest the bulbs from this strand to use on your burned-out lights.

Step 4

Remove the affected bulbs. Go back to the original strand of lights and find which ones are burned out. Carefully remove the bulb from the socket, taking care not to break the socket while you do it. The plastic socket can be brittle, so exercise caution.

Step 5

Replace the LED light bulb. Once the old bulb is out, place your replacement bulb carefully in the socket and attach it. Again, use extra care so that you do not crack or break the socket.

Step 6

Finish replacing the bulbs and test your work. Once you have all the lights replaced, plug the string back in to make sure you got them all. Your LED Christmas lights will now function perfectly once again.


Never attempt to fix a light strand that is plugged in; you may be electrocuted.