How to Fix LED Christmas Lights

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LED lights are less expensive to run and last longer than incandescent lights.

Investing in LED Christmas lights is a great way to save energy and money. While they may cost more upfront, they are also more energy-efficient and more durable. The bulbs also last longer and can go for at least six years before they burn out, although some people claim they will last 10 to 20 years. As with all lights, they will eventually burn out and have problems. Fortunately, troubleshooting LED Christmas lights is simple, and you can often fix the problem without having to replace the string of lights.


How to Repair Led Christmas Lights

It is extremely frustrating to start to decorate your tree only to discover your LED Christmas lights won't work. If your string of lights has a fuse, check and replace any blown fuses first. You can find the fuse box on the side of the plug.


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If you have had your lights for a few years, one common problem is a bad bulb. Depending on how the lights are wired, a bad bulb can cause the entire string to go out, or only a section may stop working. Fortunately, LED Christmas light repair is easy if the strand has replaceable bulbs. Start by untangling the string and laying it out on the floor or a table.


Although it is time-consuming, the best way to do this is to remove each bulb in the section that isn't working and insert a replacement bulb. If the string lights up, you have found the bad bulb and you can go ahead and hang the lights on your tree. If it doesn't work, replace the old bulb and move on to the next light in the string. There are Christmas light bulb testers that can allow you to do this without removing each bulb, but they won't all work with LED lights as the voltage is different than for incandescent bulbs.


Corrosion and Loose Connections

Two other common problems that may cause your lights to stop working are corrosion in the terminals and LED bulbs that are loose. Fix LED Christmas lights with replaceable bulbs by checking the connection of each bulb. You can complete this step as you are checking for bad bulbs.


When you remove the bulb to check it, examine the metal posts on either side of the light. There should be two posts and they should be secure against the side of the light. If one post is missing or loose, it won't connect and close the electrical circuit that allows the lights to work. Replacing the bulb should fix the problem.


Next, check the terminal on the string where you removed the light. It should be clean and clear of debris or corrosion. If it isn't, you can often clean it with a brush before re-inserting the light. Stay safe and make sure the lights are not plugged in while you are examining them.

Replace an LED Light String

Knowing how to fix LED Christmas lights is not always enough to save your string of lights. There are some situations when you will need to replace the string. Some LED light strings have a rectifier in the middle of the string that helps prevent the lights from flickering. If this component fails, typically half of the string will not be working, and you will need to replace the string.


Be sure to examine the wiring each year before you hang your LED Christmas lights. If the wiring is worn or frayed, it is best to replace the string. This can happen if you hang lights with a staple gun or store them in a way that the wires are crushed or damaged.



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