How to Replace the Ignition Switch in a 1995 Suburban

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver set

  • Ratchet and socket set

  • Metal wire

  • New ignition switch

The ignition switch starts the engine.

Chevrolet is known for using duplicate parts on many models of vehicles. You can use the following repair information on the 1500 and 2500 of the C and K series Suburbans. The ignition switch in your truck has a dual purpose: to start the engine and to provide security against it being stolen. As you turn the key, the starter motor begins turning the engine. With the key in the on position, all the electrical systems continue functioning.


Step 1

Park the vehicle and turn off the engine. Leave the ignition key in the switch and be sure it is in the "locked" position.

Step 2

Remove the upper and lower steering column covers with a screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver into the lower cover to access the screws.

Step 3

Separate the steering column from the dashboard. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the nuts and bolts that attach it. Support the steering column with a piece of wire to keep it from falling down too far.

Step 4

Use a small screwdriver to remove the multifunction switch. Pry gently to release the switch clip. Disconnect the wire harness attached to it.

Step 5

Pry the retaining clip carefully from the key alarm switch with a small flat-head screwdriver. Twist the switch one quarter-turn and pull it out.

Step 6

Separate the switch actuating rod from the ignition switch. Use a small screwdriver to disconnect it. Remove the ignition switch mounting screws with a screwdriver. Pull the ignition switch out of the steering column.

Step 7

Insert the new key into the new ignition switch and turn it to the "locked" position. Reconnect the switch and actuating rod together. Insert the new ignition switch back into the steering column and tighten the two retaining screws with a screwdriver. Make sure they are snug but not over-tightened.

Step 8

Reattach the key alarm switch. Once inserted, rotate it one quarter-turn and it will snap into place. Reattach the retaining clip by pressing it on. Reinstall the multi-function switch by pressing it in until it locks and reattach the wire harness to it.

Step 9

Remove the wire supporting the steering column. Push the column back up to the securing brackets and install the bolts and nuts. Use a torque wrench to secure the bolts to 20 foot-pounds and secure the nuts to 22 foot-pounds.

Step 10

Reinstall the upper and lower steering column covers and secure the screws with a screwdriver.

Step 11

Start the vehicle to check the operation of the ignition switch.


Perform the work in a well lighted area. Ask your parts dealer if there is a core charge on your ignition switch, you may get a bit of your money back by returning the old ignition switch.