How to Send Balloons by Mail

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Things You'll Need

  • Shipping box

  • Packing tape

  • Recipient's address

Balloons are an inexpensive way to brighten someone's day.

Balloons are a great way to celebrate a special occasion. They make a statement without costing a fortune. Imagine your friend's delight when she opens a package and helium-filled balloons float out. By taking a few simple precautions, you can send balloons through the U.S. Postal Service that will look great and brighten someone's day.


Step 1

Fill your balloons with helium. You can usually have this done on location where you purchase balloons. Fill the balloons as much as possible. They will lose a bit of helium as they travel. Overfilling them will ensure they still float and look great when they arrive at their destination.

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Step 2

Tie the balloon strings together to make a balloon bouquet.

Step 3

Attach a balloon weight or small gift to the balloon bouquet to weigh it down and prevent it from flying away.

Step 4

Place the balloons in a box large enough to contain them.


Step 5

Seal the box securely and reinforce all of the box's seams with packing tape.

Step 6

Write the recipient's mailing address and your return address on the top of the package. Cover the addresses with clear tape to prevent them from smearing during delivery.

Step 7

Take the box to your local post office for mailing. An associate there can weigh the box and tell you how much it will cost to ship it.


Make sure the box is large enough that you don't have to force the balloons inside. Squeezing the balloons will cause them to lose helium.


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