How to Remove a Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture Cover

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Flush-mount ceiling fixtures do not protrude below the surface of the ceiling, thereby providing an uncluttered look. Many flush-mount ceiling fixtures consist of a cover over the light to mute the brightness of the light and to provide a finished look. The cover must be removed to change the bulb or to clean the inside of the fixture. This task is accomplished in less than a minute with minimal effort.


Step 1

Set up a stepladder under the flush-mount ceiling fixture in a position that will not require you to reach to work on the fixture.

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Step 2

Steady yourself on the ladder under the fixture; ensure that both your feet are firmly planted on the same ladder step.


Step 3

Place your fingertips on your dominant hand firmly against the cover's surface. Spread your fingers so they occupy different locations around the perimeter of the cover.

Step 4

Twist the cover counterclockwise to detach it from the locking mechanism. Lower the cover in your hand.


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