How to Clean the Fabric of an IKEA Couch

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Ikea makes a variety of couch styles that can fit in almost any decor. Ikea's couches come with removable covers to make changing the color of your couch simple. It's almost impossible to prevent your couch from getting stains and dirt on them. However, because the Ikea couch covers are removable, you can clean them whenever it's needed.


Step 1

Remove the cover from the couch and place it in your washing machine. Do not wash your cover with any other items to avoid color bleed, and to prevent lint from ruining your couch cover. If your cover has any stains, spray a pre-treater onto the stain before placing the cover into the washer.

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Step 2

Select the "Hot" cycle on your washing machine. If your washing machine has a temperature control select 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3

Hang the couch cover on a line to dry. Do not tumble dry your couch cover.

Step 4

Iron the couch cover on a high temperature to remove any wrinkles. Replace the cover onto the couch.


You can also have your couch covers dry cleaned.

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