How Do I Word the Invitations for French Parties?

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Using French phrases in your invitations adds a touch of authenticity to your French party.

Party invitations set the tone for the celebration. While the invitation is typically short (less than one page), much information about the party is conveyed in the wording and design. A French party invitation, for example, ought to portray a certain elegance (as the French are often associated with elegance) and some French phrases. Work with French themes and images as you design your invitation; your guests will be impressed and will be sure to tell you "merci beaucoup."


Step 1

Use cream or ivory color paper. According to, elegant and formal invitations typically use these colors. Decorate the border of the invitation with French-themed objects such as berets, French flags and the Eiffel Tour.

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Step 2

Greet your guest with a French greeting. If the party is more formal, use "Salut" (the French word for "Hi"). Use "Bonjour" for formal invitations or as a general greeting.


Step 3

Write "Quoi" (the French word for "what") and include a French phrase indicating the type of party you are hosting. If it's a birthday party, write "C'est mon anniversaire." For general parties, use "fete" (the French word for party).

Step 4

Write "Ou" (the French word for "where") and write the location of the party.


Step 5

Write "Repondre S'il Vous Plait" (the written-out version of "RSVP") and indicate how guests can respond to the party.


Consider using a French-English translator to help you pick phrases to use in your invitation. See the link in Resources.


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