How to Throw a 60th Wedding Anniversary Party

The diamond is the traditional symbol for a 60th wedding anniversary.

A couple's 60th wedding anniversary presents a significant occasion worthy of celebration. Given the number of marriages that end in divorce today, a couple still in love and committed to each other after more than half a century together deserves a memorable party. Throw a special couple a memorable 60th wedding anniversary party by re-creating events over their life as a couple. For instance, include a dish the couple ate on their first date on the event menu, or give a toast recapping your favorite memories of them as a couple. Include the couple in the planning process, cater the party to their preferences, and create an unforgettable event for all guests.

Step 1

Ask the anniversary couple how they would like to celebrate the 60th year of their marriage. Plan an event based on their preferences. There is no point in throwing a lavish gala when they would like an intimate family dinner.

Step 2

Write down a list of the people you would like to invite to the party. Share the list with the anniversary couple and ask them if anyone else needs included. Collect the phone numbers and mailing addresses of the individuals on the guest list.

Step 3

Propose a date for the party. Check the date against the anniversary couple's schedule before proceeding. Confirm the couple can attend the party on the proposed date; otherwise, find an alternate date that works with their schedule.

Step 4

Find a venue for the anniversary party. Contact the establishment and book the date for the party. Proceed to step 5 if you plan to host the party at home.

Step 5

Prepare and send party invitations. Diamond white is the traditional 60th wedding anniversary color. Choose invitations in this color with black lettering to set the tone for an elegant affair.

Step 6

Include a small index card with the invitation and a small note requesting guests to submit in writing favorite memories of the couple. Assemble these in a scrapbook as a gift for the anniversary couple.

Step 7

Plan food and beverage service for the party. If hosting the event outside of the home, work with the establishment's events planner to select a menu for the party. For instance, recreate the menu from their wedding day or first date.

Step 8

Plan games and entertainment to make the event a lively and memorable celebration. Obtain the services of a DJ if the anniversary party will include music and dancing. Ask the DJ to emcee the event.

Step 9

Research what song the couple danced to during the wedding. Find a copy of the song and plan to play it at the party. Set aside time during the party for the anniversary couple to re-create their first dance as a married couple.

Step 10

Design your anniversary party decorations and party favors. Select decorations in silver and white hues. Consider a beautiful brocade pouch filled with white chocolate wrapped in silver foil, or a picture frame with white glitter accents and containing a portrait of the couple for party favors.

Step 11

Contact your local florist and place an order for anniversary flowers. Order centerpieces for tables if the party includes a sit-down dinner. Schedule flower delivery for the morning of the date of the anniversary party.

Step 12

Order the anniversary cake. Ask the anniversary couple if they would like to use the cake topper from their wedding cake. Otherwise, create a cake topper from silver and white glittery balls, frosted silver and white leaves or even crystal or white cupids.

Step 13

Collate your replies and confirm the number of guests attending the party to the venue. Check with the events planner as to when the venue needs this information.

Step 14

Create a program for the anniversary party with a time-line for when activities and entertainment will run during the party. Consider activities such as announcing the arrival of the anniversary couple, any planned speeches, dancing, the cutting of the cake, to name a few.

Step 15

Prepare a toast for the anniversary couple. You, as the host and coordinator of the party, should share special words about the couple. Encourage guests to share their sentiments and memories with the couple.

Step 16

Contact the White House for an official White House congratulations to the anniversary couple. Send a fax including the names of the anniversary couple, the anniversary date, the years of marriage, a mailing address for the congratulations letter, and how to contact you. Send the fax to the following telephone number: 202-456-2461.

Step 17

Manage all setup and decorations on the day of the event. Allow yourself enough time to get dressed for the party. Arrive at the venue a little before the party's start time to ensure proper setup, and to address any outstanding details.


Start planning the 60th wedding anniversary party at least 12 weeks prior to the actual event.

Send invitations at least six weeks prior to the anniversary party date.

Submit your request for a White House congratulations letter early in the planning process.