How Do I Remove Super Glue From Upholstery?

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Super Glue is notorious for its utility, but it sure can be frustrating when it gets onto upholstery or other fabrics. When this happens, all is not lost, however. In many cases, Super Glue can actually be removed fairly easily. The key is to act as quickly as possible after a spill. In addition, keep in mind that dried Super Glue can also be removed from fabrics.


Removing Super Glue From a Couch

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If there is fresh Super Glue on your fabric sofa, first check the label to determine the material from which the couch is made. This is important because certain cleaning agents will damage some fabrics. Try removing as much of the glue as possible with paper towels, avoiding your skin (you can wear protective gloves to ensure your skin stays safe). Add a small amount of acetone or rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and dab this around the stain first to prevent the glue from spreading.

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Then, add just a drop or so of the alcohol or acetone to the cloth and immediately dab at the stain until it comes out. Once the glue is removed, drop on some mild detergent and give it 20 minutes to soak in. You can then dab out the detergent with a soapy sponge until it is all out of the fabric.


These cleaning methods can also work to remove Super Glue from clothing, but again, it is crucial to read the label first. Never attempt this removal if the clothing is still being worn.

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Important Acetone and Rubbing Alcohol Precautions

Acetone should never be used on natural fibers, like wool and silk. It can also stain fabrics, such as acetate, modacrylic and those with triacetate fibers.


According to some experts, regular rubbing alcohol can also stain fabrics, so it should also be used with caution. Place some on a sponge and test an inconspicuous part of the fiber, such as the underside of a couch cushion. Just dab on a little bit and give it an hour to see if there is any reaction.


Removing Nail Glue From Car Seats

Nail glue is essentially the same thing as Super Glue, and it also creates tough stains wherever it lands. Should it get on your fabric car seats, you can treat it in pretty much the same way as fabric couches as long as you test it on a hidden area first. Many cars have leather upholstery, though, and this needs to be treated differently.


It is best to work on leather slowly and carefully to avoid damaging it. First, use a dull-edged knife or paper towels to remove as much of the glue as you can. Then, dip a sponge in warm, soapy water and see if you can rub away the glue with that.

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Keep working on the spot but if this is not successful, you can try acetone. To do so, soak a cotton ball in acetone and gently dab at the glue, being careful not to smear it. Let it sit on the stain for about 10 minutes. Then, carefully clean it away.



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