Removing Alarm Tags From Home

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Things You'll Need

  • Ring magnet

  • Wire cutters

  • Hacksaw

You have probably been there before. You get home from purchasing a new item, only to discover that the security tag is still on it. You could take it back to the store and have them remove it, but that's a hassle because it means an added trip. You would prefer to remove the security tag at home. Well, in most cases, it is possible to remove the tag at home and save yourself the trip back to the store.


Step 1

Apply a strong ring magnet to the metal back of security tags if the metal backing has a cone shape. These are released in the store by sliding them onto a strong magnet and pulling them off. You will need to use your fingernails to pull off the metal backing. Keep the magnet on until you remove it.


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Step 2

Saw through the pin that holds the two ends of the security tag together using a thin hacksaw blade. Hold the material and one end of the tag together so it will be kept out of the way while you saw with the other hand. Make sure to keep the blade as far away from the material as possible while you saw.


Step 3

Squeeze wire cutters between the two halves and snip the pin in the middle. Keep the blade of the cutters away from the material. If you are dealing with an ink tag, this is the most risky of the methods because it will put more pressure on the disk that breaks the ink vials. It is best to try the other methods with ink tags before you use wire cutters.


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