How to Remove Snags in Satin

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Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • Pin

  • Scissors

Satin is made either from woven silk or synthetic materials like rayon or polyester. Although its sheen is luxurious, satin isn't easy to care for. Most satin is dry clean only and it snags easily when the fabric comes in contact with sharp objects, according to Sew Any Fabric. A snag in satin is removable as long as you act quickly. The place where the snag was won't be perfect, but it won't stand out either.


Step 1

Find the thread in the satin fabric that is snagged and pull it back into place. If the thread is too small to pull with your fingers, carefully lift it up with a pin and pull it back.

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Step 2

Clip the end of the snagged thread off to reduce the appearance of the snag.

Step 3

Turn the iron on "Steam." Steam the place on the fabric where the snag was to straighten it out.

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