How to Remove Dry Cleaner Tags

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Dry cleaning can prolong the life of your clothes.

A local cleaner may receive a lot of orders throughout the day. To manage each article of clothing, a staff member at the cleaner examines it for imperfections and attaches a small tag to it when it's dropped off. The tag is often stapled or pinned to the garment's care label, or may be in the form of a piece of fabric tape stuck to the garment, and may include writing or a printed bar code. It remains in place throughout the cleaning process. To prevent discomfort, it helps to remove the dry cleaner tag before you wear a garment, and you can remove it without damaging the garment.

Things You'll Need

  • Stapler remover

  • Scissors

  • Iron

Corded Tags

Step 1

Slide a pair of scissors between the tag and cord.

Step 2

Cut off the attached cord that holds the label in place.

Step 3

Pull out the remaining cord slowly and carefully.

Stapled Tags

Step 1

Slide a stapler remover underneath the staple as you hold the tag at an angle.

Step 2

Attach the stapler remover to the staple.

Step 3

Pull out the staple firmly, but carefully.

Hard-to-Remove Tags

Step 1

Set an iron on a low setting.

Step 2

Lay a clean paper towel over the dry cleaner tag.

Step 3

Iron the paper towel with the iron and run it back and forth over the tagged area for 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 4

Remove the paper towel. Starting at any corner of the tag, gently peel it off from the clothing.