Garlon Herbicide Mixing Directions

Garlon herbicide is an industrial product designed to control unwanted growth of weeds and other plants on farms, roadsides and other large-scale areas. The herbicide is approved to control more than 60 types of vegetation. Garlon is generally mixed with water, oil and a surfactant that stabilizes the mixture. Mixing these ingredients in the right order will make the mixture more effective and easier to apply to unwanted plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Garlon
  • Oil
  • Surfactant
  • Metal container
  • Mix tank
  • Water

Video of the Day

Premix Garlon, oil and surfactant in a clean metal container. You can use a variety of oils, including kerosene, diesel fuel or basal oil, depending on availability. The amount of ingredients you need depends on the size of land and type of weed you are treating, so read all product instructions carefully.

Fill your mix tank halfway with clean water and begin agitating; most mix tanks include an agitator. Slowly pour the premix solution into the water, allowing the agitator to mix the two liquids.

Fill the mix tank the rest of the way with clean water, continuing with moderate agitation. If possible, let the agitation continue while applying the herbicide.


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