How Do I Hide a Mini Refrigerator?

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Things You'll Need

  • Lined tablecloth

  • Deep closet

  • Large cardboard box

Hide a mini fridge to keep your food safe from co-workers.

Mini fridges provide efficient convenience when you have little space, but they are not the most aesthetically pleasing items. They also are not always allowed. College dormitories may place restrictions on them, as might some office buildings and rental rooms. Hiding a mini fridge is simple and often transforms them into a casual piece of functional furniture.


Step 1

Place your mini fridge against the wall directly in front of an outlet so when the unit is plugged in the cord is not noticeable. Set a chair or couch next to the fridge. Cover the fridge with a decorative lined tablecloth. This transforms the fridge into a pretty side table.

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Step 2

Clean out your deep closet. Make sure there is enough space for your fridge and air to circulate so the motor does not get too hot. Set your fridge in the closet and run the cord along the floor board or closet trim work. Set a floor lamp or floor fan nearby, but tuck the cord away so it is hidden. Close your closet door. People will assume the mini fridge cord is the fan's cord.

Step 3

Cover the sides, top and front panel of your mini refrigerator with cardboard. Use double-sided sticky tape or a hot-glue gun for adhesive. Set the fridge in between several other boxes. It will blend right in.


Run a fan or radio to block out the motor sound.


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