How to Make Geckos & Other Bead Animals

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft lace

  • Beads

  • Key ring

  • Scissors

Make beaded animals to give as gifts.

Beaded geckos and other beaded animals are simple to make. They are primarily made by weaving string back and forth through pony beads to create a pattern. Geckos are very popular and trendy with children and can be used for decoration on children's backpacks, on key chains, and as belt charms. They are made in many different colors, and some even have patterns in them. They can have striped tails, different colored eyes or diamond-shaped patterns on their backs.


Step 1

Cut a 2-yard length of craft lace. Fold it in half to find the middle.

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Step 2

Thread one end of the lace through your key ring or clip, and move the key ring or clip to the center. About an inch below the key ring, tie a knot with both pieces of lace, to hold the key ring in place.


Step 3

Thread one bead of the body color onto one end of the lace. Push the bead to the top of the knot under the key ring.

Step 4

Put the other end of the craft lace through the bead hole, going through the opposite way to the first string. This will turn your bead sideways, and your lace will be coming out of both sides. This is the basic stringing pattern you will use.


Step 5

Lace your gecko. By following your pattern, finish lacing the number of beads for each row. Add two different colored beads where the eyes are located for an added effect. When threading the limbs, you will use only one strand of the lace for each arm and each leg. The right arm and leg is made by just using the lace on the right, and the same for the left. You will add the number of the beads you will need for the arm and fingers on one strand. You will then turn your lace and come back through the beads meant for the arm. This will make the fingers tight and make them point out. Lace each arm this way. Continue to lace your gecko, lacing each leg the way that you did the arms. When you get to the tail, you will continue to lace the beads, but one by one, to create the tail. When you have the desired length tail, knot the end. This will complete the gecko.


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