How to Make a Pony Beaded Keychain

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Things You'll Need

  • Pony beads

  • Craft wire

  • Key ring

  • Scissors

You can modify the diamond pattern to include a heart design in the key chain.

Pony bead key chains are simple to make and can be an excellent project for summer camp craft time. This is a clean project, since it is held together with string and knots; no glue is required. A diamond pattern pony bead key chain is the easiest to create; however, there are many free patterns available online to create more complex beaded key chains if you desire.


Step 1

Fold the string in half and put the folded end through the middle of the key ring. Pull the loose ends of the string through the folded end of the string and pull tight to create a knot around the key ring. You should have two loose ends still hanging down from the key ring.

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Step 2

Thread one bead onto the left string. Pull the bead all the way up to the key ring. Thread the right string through the bead the opposite way you threaded the left string through. Pull the strings tight to hold the bead in place.


Step 3

Thread two beads onto the left string. Pull the beads all the way up so they are underneath the single bead you already added. Again, thread the right string through the beads the opposite way you threaded the left string through. Pull the strings tight to hold all beads in place.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3, adding an additional bead each time until you reach the middle row. The middle row should be your longest row and consist of six or seven beads.


Step 5

Repeat Step 3, decreasing the number of beads used in each row until you are back to a single bead. You should have a diamond pattern, and each end should be an equal distance from the longest, middle row.

Step 6

Tie off the ends of the string close to the last bead to hold all the beads together tightly. If you are using craft wire, weave the wire back through the beads and tightly twist it higher up to hold the beads together.


Lay beads out on a table before stringing them to figure out what type of pattern and color you want to use to make your key chain. To find the number of beads necessary, take the number of beads in the middle row (the longest row) and square that number. For example, if your longest row is six beads long, you will need 36 (6 x 6) beads to complete the project.


Be careful when allowing children to make pony bead key chains. Make sure they do not put the pony beads in their mouths, since choking could occur.


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