How to Make a Hockey Lace Necklace

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Recycle your hockey laces by making a shoelace necklace.

Reusing materials from around the house is a good way to reduce waste and make eco-friendly jewelry. With a little creativity and imagination, many common items that might otherwise be discarded, such as a pair of hockey shoelaces, can be turned into a stylish accessory. Hockey or other skate laces work especially well because they are longer than regular shoelaces. But any type of lace can easily be substituted for making your necklace. This unisex accessory can be sported by guys or girls. Add beads or a pendant to personalize your necklace and reflect your individual style.


Step 1

Fold each hockey lace in half. Each lace will have one loop end and one end of loose strands. Hold one lace up by the strand end, with the loop end hanging down. Hook the two loop ends of the laces together.

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Step 2

Place the loop section in the center of your neck. Wrap the laces around and tie a loose knot in the back of your neck. Bring the strands back around to the front, with two strands on each side of your neck.

Step 3

Take one strand from each side of your neck and tie them together in a knot. Tie your knot so it sits below the loop section.

Step 4

Take the remaining two strands of lace and tie them together in a knot.


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