How to Adjust a Scotts Reel Mower

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Reel mowers are made for flat, smaller lawns, and the Scotts reel mower is one of the best known in this category. Like other reel mowers, a Scotts reel mower is better for your lawn, does not use gas and costs less money. In addition to these benefits, you will get more exercise from using these mowers.


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Scotts Lawn Mower Manual

The Scotts lawn mower manuals explain how to use different models. The manuals include mowing instructions, cleaning information and how to perform Scotts reel mower height adjustments. These manuals can be found online on websites where the mowers are sold and on sites that have product manuals.


It is important to understand how to perform a Scotts reel mower height adjustment step by step because your grass can be substantially higher or lower depending on factors such as how much it has rained or if you were away on vacation. It is wise to only cut about a third of the grass height when mowing. Otherwise, the roots could stop growing.


Scotts Reel Mower Height Adjustment

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Scotts reel mowers have three adjustment settings; there is a lever at each wheel. What is considered to be the normal cutting height is the default. However, you can lower the cutting height to as little as 2 inches if you wish. You may also adjust the blades to keep them from rubbing on the rear cutting bar and/or to provide a more even cut.


To lower your mower's cutting height, look at one of the wheel hubcaps. You will see two notches there. Pry off the hubcap with a flat-head screwdriver and find the retaining ring located between the wheel hub's center bolt head and the hub itself. Use the screwdriver to pry off the retaining ring and pull the hub out and away from the mower. There is a nut on the bolt that secures the wheel adjustment assembly; look for it on the back of this assembly. Remove this bolt with an adjustable socket wrench.


Then, rotate the wheel adjustment assembly to its lowest notch and secure to the mower frame with the nut and bolt. Slide that wheel hub off the bolt's head and then slip the retaining ring in between the bolt head and wheel hub and secure the wheel hub. Return the hubcap and snap it into position. This process then needs to be repeated on the other side.


Other Scotts Reel Mower Adjustments

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If you want to use the reel mower's normal cutting height, disengage the adjustment levers one at a time. These are located between the wheels and mower frame. Pull the lever toward the wheel and move it up and down to the height you want. Then, place the lever into the corresponding notch on the adjustment plate.


For cutting blade adjustment, you have to find the two adjustment screws on each side. Look for the screws that are farthest from the cutting blade and turn each counterclockwise the same amount with a Phillips screwdriver. Then, turn the two front screws clockwise and this will move the cutter bar away from the blades.



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