How to Install a Toro Mower Deck

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A Toro mower-deck reattachment should take less than 15 minutes.

Some of the most basic maintenance procedures on Toro lawn tractors require know-how about installing a mower deck. This comes into play after you remove the deck to clear any built-up debris or to replace mower blades dulled by heavy use. When you finish, you will have to reattach the deck beneath the tractor. Putting the Toro mower deck back in place involves a few simple steps you can complete in less than 15 minutes. Do it yourself and you can avoid a costly trip to the shop.


Step 1

Put on work gloves to protect your fingers from being pinched. Position the deck on the mower's right side and slide the deck underneath the tractor. Set the parking brake.

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Step 2

Gently slide the deck toward the back of the mower and reattach hooks on the deck to the deck stabilizer rod. Shift the deck lift lever to its lowest bracket to lower the deck lift arms.


Step 3

Reattach the deck to the deck-lift arm by pushing the deck-support pin inward. You'll find the pin on the right rear side of the deck. Repeat that process with the deck-support pin on the left rear side of the deck.

Step 4

Attach the mower's deck belt around the electric PTO clutch. Lift the mower deck by positioning the deck lift lever in the top notch on the right fender.

Step 5

Disengage the parking brake. Turn the PTO/Blade Engage knob on to complete the deck installation.


Before starting, pull the mower's spark plug wire and remove the key from the mower's ignition to prevent accidental starting while you are attaching the deck.



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