How to Reassemble a Husqvarna Mower Deck

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Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Electrical tape

Husqvarna riding lawn mowers and the larger lawn tractors use sizable mowing decks. The mowing deck contains most of the drive system parts, such as the clutch, mandrel pulleys and the blades. Therefore, you will remove and install the mowing deck for most minor maintenance and major repairs. During removal and reassembly, inspect, grease and follow all other maintenance schedules to keep the mowing deck in proper working order. If you detect loose or broken parts, replace them immediately.


Step 1

Drive the Husqvarna to a flat work space. Depress the brake pedal entirely and switch the parking brake into the "Engaged" position. Turn the key in the ignition to "Off" and remove the key. Slide the transmission lever, putting the clutch into "Disengaged," or neutral.


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Step 2

Unhook the rubber boot and wire from the end of the spark plug. Position the wire so it won't accidentally contact the spark plug. Use electrical tape if necessary. Raise up the attachment lift lever to its highest setting.

Step 3

Push the mowing deck into position underneath the mower. Line up the rear housing brackets on the mower with the suspension arms on the deck. Position the deflector shield on the mowing deck so it's on the right-hand side. Lower the attachment lift lever to its lowest setting.


Step 4

Position the front links onto the mower deck and insert the retainer spring through the front links and mower deck. Move the rear suspension arms into position on the rear deck brackets. Slide the retainer spring through the center.

Step 5

Attach the anti-sway bar to the chassis and slide the retainer spring through the housing bracket. Wind the drive belt around the rear drive pulley, slowly working it into position on the pulley's grooves.


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