How to Install a Belt on a Toro 50 Zero Turn

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The Toro Zero Turn lawnmower with 50-inch mower deck makes short work out of most lawns. It turns on a dime, reducing the amount of time needed to finish a year. Like a lawn tractor, the Toro Zero turn has a suspended mower deck driven by a drive belt. After a few years of use, the drive belt will deteriorate and require replacement. Otherwise, if left unattended, the belt could break and render the mower useless until repaired.


Step 1

Park the Zero Turn mower on level ground and disengage the blade control switch.

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Step 2

Push the motion control levers to the forward position to put the mower's transmission in neutral. Turn the key to the off position and remove it from the ignition.


Step 3

Position the "Height of cut" lever into its lowest position to lower the deck to the ground.

Step 4

Remove the hairpin from the clevis pin, pull the clevis pin out of the mounting bracket and lower the front of the mower deck to the ground.


Step 5

Lift the rear of the mower deck to remove the hanger bracket from the lift rod.

Step 6

Slide the mower forward and removed the drive belt from the PTO pulley mounted under the engine. Slide the mower deck from under the mower.


Step 7

Remove the covers from the pulleys on the mower deck with a screwdriver and place the covers to the side.

Step 8

Pull the mower belt off the mower deck's pulleys and install the new belt on the pulleys.


Step 9

Reattach the covers over the pulleys with the screwdriver.

Step 10

Slide the deck under the mower and slide the belt over the PTO pulley.

Step 11

Lift the back of the mower deck and attach it to the rod. Lift the front of the mower deck, slide the clevis pins onto the mounting brackets and slide the hairpins into the clevis pins.

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