How to Make a Native Lacrosse Stick

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood carver

  • Sinew

  • Steamer

  • Tape measure

  • Sand paper

  • Power saw

Lacrosse was created by Native Americans to train warriors for battle.

Native American lacrosse sticks are very different in makeup than the lacrosse sticks seen today. Native American lacrosse sticks are wooden, while contemporary lacrosse sticks are metal. Very few people make traditional Native American lacrosse sticks today. It is very difficult to make Native American lacrosse sticks. According to Kanatiiosh of, " There are only a few traditional carvers making wooden sticks today. Wooden stick making takes time. Hickory trees can only be harvested in the winter and can take at least a year to dry. Not all trees are suitable for stick making."


Making A Native American Lacrosse Stick

Step 1

Measure 30 inches of wood cut from a hickory tree.

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Step 2

Cut the wood down to 30 inches in length.


Step 3

Carve the wood to smooth out the stick.

Step 4

Steam the newly carved wood.

Step 5

Bend the stick at the head to make a wide loop.


Step 6

Steam the stick again.

Step 7

Wrap sinew around the base of the loop and stick it and in the loop to make a basket head for catching and throwing lacrosse balls.


Hickory trees are the best trees to use to make wooden lacrosse sticks. The trees have to be harvested and grown. The "live" part of the tree is used to make the stick.



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