How to Make an Arch Bridge Out of Popsicle Sticks

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Things You'll Need

  • One box of popsicle sticks

  • Super glue

  • Utility knife

  • Ruler

  • Small bowl of warm water

Popsicle sticks make a useful crafting material.

Crafting is a way for hobbyists to create miniature versions of buildings or structures they find interesting and challenging. The arch bridge has always been a structure several hobbyists have struggled to replicate. One of the best ways to create an arch bridge is to use popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks allow crafters the ability to bend and mold the stick to the desired shape, which is a fantastic trait when constructing a bridge that contains curved structures with relatively flat surfaces.


Step 1

Cut rounded edges off four popsicle sticks so the sticks are 4 inches long, and place them in warm water for five minutes. The water will make the popsicle sticks more flexible and easier to bend.

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Step 2

Cut rounded edges off 68 popsicle sticks so the sticks are 4 inches long. These popsicle sticks will be placed at the center of the bridge, as well as at both ends.


Step 3

Stack center of the bridge to create the high arch. Glue together two stacks of 16 of the 4-inch popsicle sticks, and two piles of 17. Glue all four stacks side by side, with the stacks of 17 placed in the center and one stack of 16 placed on each side.

Step 4

Place the glued stacks in front of you so they range from left to right in a 16 stack, 17 stack, 17 stack, 16 stack manner. Glue one popsicle stick from the water bowl to each end of the top of the left 17 stack on the left side so the ends stick out to the left, and glue the remaining two to the right-side 17 stack so the popsicle stick ends stick out to the right side. Apply a touch of super glue to the edge of the 16 stacks directly below the glued popsicle sticks, and gently curve down the wet sticks to create an arch on each side.


Step 5

Cut two popsicle sticks to 5 inches long and attach them to the bottom of the 17 stacks so they stick out in the attached direction. These sticks will create the base of the bridge and allow the arch to hold its shape.

Step 6

Attach one 4-inch popsicle stick to the top end of the 5-inch sticks. Apply a spot of super glue to the ends of the 4-inch sticks, and bond the arch end to each section.


Step 7

Cut one popsicle stick to 4 inches by removing the rounded ends and place it on the arched stick. Begin at the left end of the bridge. Apply a spot of super glue at each end of the 4-inch stick, and gently connect it to the end of the arch. Repeat this step, laying sticks side by side until the entire bridge is covered, creating a nice arched surface.


Step 8

Cut one end off four popsicle sticks to have 5-inch sections remaining. Place these sticks in a bowl of warm water for five minutes

Step 9

Cut three popsicle sticks to six sections measuring 2 inches long, removing circular ends. Apply super glue to the bottom edge. Place one popsicle stick on both sides of each end for railing. Place the remaining four sections along the top edge of each 16-stick stack.


Step 10

Mold the popsicle stick sections in the water for railing. Attach two sticks along the flat edge to make two long sections with the four sticks. Apply super glue to the top of the six 2-inch posts and mold the rails on each side so the circular ends are at the end of the railing.


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