How to Build a Log Cabin From Sticks

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Things You'll Need

  • Sticks

  • Glue

  • Knife

Building model log cabins is a fun hobby. Log cabins can be made from a variety of wood materials, but one of the most artistic ways to build a log cabin is by using natural wood sticks. A natural stick cabin is an eye-catching display piece. Learn how you can put together your own log cabin from sticks with just a few supplies.


Step 1

Gather the materials you'll need from the woods. Collect sticks that are about the same thickness and length. The length depends on the size you want your cabin to be. Between six and eight inches is a good size for a small log cabin model. Leave your sticks unskinned to give your cabin a more natural appearance.

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Step 2

Work on a flat surface and assemble your sticks by placing four on the surface in a square. You can notch each end of the sticks so they wedge together for extra security, but it isn't necessary. You'll be gluing them in place.

Step 3

Build your cabin up by layering sticks, adding a drop of glue to each corner. Wait until the glue dries before you add another layer. Continue placing the sticks in a square until you reach the height you want your cabin to be.


Step 4

Place two sticks one on either side of your cabin and angle them so they touch to form a triangle. Glue the ends to the side of your cabin body and glue the tip of each stick together. This will form the roof of your cabin. Allow it to dry and continue to place sticks in this fashion until you have constructed your roof.


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