How to Transport Fire Extinguishers

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Transporting fire extinguishers is simple.

Fire extinguishers contain chemicals at very high pressure. Transporting them involves moving slowly and cushioning the extinguishers so there is no risk of explosion or of accidentally activating the trigger mechanism. Moving a fire extinguisher is a simple and safe process as long as you use caution during the process, and replace the extinguisher with a new one in the original spot.


Step 1

Lift the fire extinguisher out of its bracket. If it is low to the ground or very heavy, lift with your legs instead of your lower back to prevent injury. Hold the extinguisher on the bottom with your stronger hand and hold the handle with your weaker hand.

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Step 2

Walk with the fire extinguisher to the vehicle in which you will transport it. Never run while you carry it, or you risk dropping it. Wrap the fire extinguisher in a blanket as a cushion, and place it upright in the vehicle in a tight spot so it won't shift during transport.


Step 3

Drive slowly and carefully to prevent jarring the fire extinguisher. When you reach your destination, carefully lift the extinguisher out of its secured place and unwrap the blanket. Carry the extinguisher to its new spot in the same way you carried it out of the original spot. Lower the extinguisher into its new brackets.

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