How to Extinguish a Kerosene Lamp Fire

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A kerosene lamp fire is a dangerous situation.

Oil-burning lamps, like kerosene lamps, can provide an attractive ambient light in outdoor settings, and can also be a source of emergency lighting during a power outage. Use these lamps with caution, however. In the event of an accident, a broken or tipped lamp could spill its kerosene and cause a dangerous fire. It's important to put out a kerosene lamp fire the correct way, or you can make a bad situation worse.


Step 1

Move away from the fire. Do not attempt to right the lamp if it has fallen over.

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Step 2

Pull the pin on a Type B or Type ABC all-purpose fire extinguisher. The pin will be at the top of the extinguisher, near the handle, and will have a ring you can grasp with your finger. Do not use a type A extinguisher -- the liquid in this type of extinguisher can spread the fire by spreading the burning kerosene

Step 3

Train the nozzle of the extinguisher at the base of the fire from several feet away and depress the handle. Spray back and forth across the base of the fire working outward and upward when the base of the fire is under control.

Step 4

Continue to spray the extinguisher at the fire until the fire is out.


If you cannot get the fire under control, leave the vicinity of the fire immediately and call 9-1-1.

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