How do I Move a Treadmill With a Hand Truck?

Things You'll Need

  • Safety straps

  • Work gloves


When it comes to moving heavy objects, you want to make sure you do it in a safe way. Heavy objects such a treadmill can be easier to move if you put them on a hand truck or dolly. Most treadmills come with wheels, so it's easier to maneuver the machine in your home, but when you're transporting a treadmill long distances, a moving dolly or hand truck is safer.

How to Safely Load a Treadmill onto a Hand Truck

Step 1

Check the hand truck for any visible defects. Defects can affect how the hand truck performs. Even a small defect can cause a problem when moving a heavy treadmill. Defects to look for include torn wheels, loose parts and greasy surfaces.

Step 2

Check and obey the load capacity of the hand truck. Treadmills are heavy objects, so it's best to check how much the machine weighs, and make sure it's under the limit of what the dolly can hold.

Step 3

Maintain proper body posture when loading the hand truck. It's important to do most of the lifting with your legs and not your back. Keep your back straight as you're loading the treadmill onto the hand truck.

Step 4

Position the treadmill on the hand truck so the weight rests on the axles of the dolly. The weight of the load should be carried by the base of the dolly, not the handles.

Step 5

Tie down the treadmill with straps. Treadmills are generally heavy enough, and probably won't slide off the dolly. To be on the safe side, however, it's best to tie down the load securely. Most of the time, a hand truck will include safety straps.

How to Move a Treadmill With a Hand Truck

Step 1

Maintain a solid grip on the handlebars of the hand truck before moving it. A pair of work gloves can enhance your grip if your hands are greasy or wet.

Step 2

Walk forward with the dolly, not backward. Keep the load in front of you when going down a slope. Keep it behind you when going up a slope. If you walk backward with a hand truck, you could run into something, and the dolly could tip over.

Step 3

Move at a slow pace and use caution. If you move too fast, problems can occur. You could trip, or lose your balance, which can cause the hand truck to fall over if you lose your grip.

Step 4

Make sure you can see where you're going. Treadmills can be very tall when they're on a hand truck. If you have a problem seeing over the load, have another person be a lookout for you. Have the spotter direct you where you need to go and warn you of any obstacles or slopes you may encounter.