How to Transport a Riding Lawnmower

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Things You'll Need

  • Trailer with ramp

  • Wheel chocks or wood blocks

  • Wratchet straps

Properly load and secure a riding mower for transport.

Riding lawnmowers make most mowing jobs easier to accomplish, and in much less time than with a walk-behind mower. Homeowners as well as professionals use a variety of riding mowers to complete mowing tasks. Sometimes it's necessary, especially for people who maintain commercial properties, to transport a riding mower on a trailer. Correctly loading and securing the mower on the trailer for transport is essential to avoid damaging the machine.


Step 1

Connect a trailer with a loading ramp to the hitch on the back of a vehicle. Securely connect the trailer tongue to the hitch ball and connect safety chains.

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Step 2

Position the vehicle and trailer so they are on a flat and level surface. Lower the loading ramp, or gate, of the trailer. Move the trailer, if necessary, so the top of the gate sits completely on the ground. Put chocks or wood blocks under the wheels of the trailer as an extra precaution, if desired.


Step 3

Sit on the mower and raise the mowing deck to the highest point. Start the mower and slowly drive it up the ramp and onto the trailer bed. Attempt to evenly distribute the mower's weight on the trailer axle.

Step 4

Stop the mower. Set the parking brake securely. Lower the mowing deck completely down. Turn off the riding mower. Leave the mower in gear, not in neutral.


Step 5

Secure the mower's engine hood with the attached latches. Or use a short ratchet strap to secure the hood so wind will not cause it to rise during transport.

Step 6

Raise and secure the ramp or gate of the trailer. Place ratchet straps on both mower axles and secure them to the bed or sides of the trailer. Attach a ratchet strap to the front of the mower and secure it to the front of the trailer. Repeat the process with a strap at the rear of the mower.


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