How to Make a Goldilocks Costume

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Carry your favorite teddy bear for a fun costume touch.

Goldilocks is a classic character that's simple to evoke with particular colors and accessories. A DIY Goldilocks costume can be a great last-minute Halloween idea. Or, with a little more lead time, a Goldilocks costume can even be a fun couples or group look with the associated three bears. While adding bears to the costume can be more elaborate, the Goldilocks look is straightforward to evoke.


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The Goldilocks Character

It may surprise you to learn that Goldilocks was not even in the original story of the three bears! Furthermore, when the young girl character does appear, her hair is silver, not gold. In fact, not even the three bears started out as we know them: they were three unrelated bachelor bears that wanted to live together amidst human luxury. The original invader was an old woman, and in early versions of the story, she often met quite a bad end.

The history of this nursery tale is quite varied, starting with oral traditions within a few British families and going through modern interpretations and retellings that play with the child's gender and motivations, the bears' species and relationships to one another, and the general milieu of the story and the child's goals.


Modern Goldilocks Story

Of course, in the modern day, Goldilocks is a well-known and recognizable character with distinct characteristics and associations. She's a little girl that comes upon the house of a family of three bears: Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear.

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She tries the bears' porridge, chairs and beds, finding fault the adult bears' items but finding Baby Bear's "just right," finishing the porridge, breaking the chair, and falling asleep in the bed. When the bear family returns home, they comment on the use or destruction of their belongings, finally finding Goldilocks asleep. She wakes up and flees.


Elements of a DIY Goldilocks Costume

The iconic presentation is that of a young girl with blonde hair and a fun, old-timey and age-appropriate dress, often with a white apron. Common accoutrements are a wooden spoon and bowl, along with a teddy bear. Being accompanied by three people dressed as bears will often instantly identify anyone looking like this as playing Goldilocks.

However, there are a lot of ways to get more specific and evocative with a Goldilocks costume. The starting point is the eponymous hair. If you already have mid-length or long blond hair, make sure it's curly when you dress up. Otherwise, obtain a blonde, curly wig.


The dress must also have a classic, childish look, generally knee-length with a wide skirt, often enhanced with petticoats. A white apron, white knee socks, big hair bow and black patent leather shoes commonly complete the look. Because of the gold and yellow associations of the character, often a yellow dress works best. While some depictions have the character wearing a light blue dress, which was a classic feminine color when the look was solidified, the color has since changed gender associations and a blonde young girl in a blue dress with a white apron can be mistaken for other characters.


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References to the Bears

Especially if playing Goldilocks solo, additionally including references to the bears or their belongings will help nail down the look. Getting creative with your Goldilocks outfit ideas can bring a unique spin to the character, and Goldilocks dress-up for adults gives more latitude for materials, makeup and other details.


As long as the iconic curly blond hair, golden color scheme, and association with bears is retained, a Goldilocks costume will almost certainly be recognized.