How to Iron on Wax Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • 2 paper towels or 2 sheets clean white paper

  • Ironing board

  • 2 sheets wax paper, the same size as the paper towel or white paper

You can use wax paper to preserve the beauty of autumn leaves.

Ironing dried leaves and paper crafts between two layers of wax paper helps preserve delicate items. The light wax coating provided by the wax paper prevents decay because it keeps moisture away. Ironing crayons shavings in wax paper also creates a stained glass illusion for craft projects. You need to use the right temperature setting to avoid damage from scorching. You also need to protect the sole plate of your iron and your ironing board.

Step 1

Set your iron on its lowest heat setting. Letting the iron have time to heat up while you prepare the paper and contents will save a couple minutes later.

Step 2

Place one paper towel, or sheet of white paper, on the ironing board to keep the ironing board wax-free. Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the paper towel. Put the leaf, the paper you are ironing, or the crayon shavings on top of the wax paper. Cover the contents with another sheet of wax paper, and cover that with another paper towel to keep your iron clean.

Step 3

Position the iron above the stacked papers and press down firmly. Slowly move the iron from side to side, without moving the layers. Keep the heated iron on the project for at least one full minute. Let the pages cool before peeling off the paper towels.


If you are preserving leaves, dried leaves work better than fresh leaves because the wax paper can trap moisture inside of fresh leaves eventually causing mold to form.