How to Repair a Window Screen Frame

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Window screens let fresh breezes into your house while at the same time keeping out bugs and other pests. A screen is composed of a frame, across which the screen material is stretched. The screen is held in place on the frame by means of a thin piece of plastic called a spline, which pins the screen in place in a narrow channel. Repairing a window screen frame requires that you first remove the screen so that you can measure the frame.


Keep out the critters with a window screen frame.

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Things You'll Need

  • Window Screen Frame Kit

  • Flat Bladed Screwdriver

  • Spline Roller

  • Needlenose Pliers

Step 1

Open the window. Pull up on the tabs at the bottom of the screen while pushing out at the same time to pop the window screen out of the window frame. Set the frame on a flat surface.


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Step 2

Identify which part of the window screen frame is broken. Measure the sides of the frame to give you an idea of what length of frame you need to cut. For example if the right side of the screen is broken, measure the left side of the frame.

Step 3

Take a flat bladed screwdriver and insert it into the screen channel. Pry up the plastic window screen spline in the channel. Take a pair of needlenose pliers and use them to pull the spline out of the channel around the frame.


Step 4

Remove the screen by pulling it out of the frame channel.

Step 5

Cut a length of frame the appropriate size for the replacement needed. Pull apart the screen frame at the corners and insert the new piece.


Step 6

Stretch the screen across the frame. Start in one corner and press the spline into the channel on top of the screen with the spline roller. Then follow the channel around the frame, rolling the spline in place. Reinsert the screen tabs in the bottom of the screen before you press the spline over.

Step 7

Replace the screen in the window.



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