How to Prevent Dust With a Window Screen

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat head screw driver

  • Knife

  • Roll of tightly knit screen

  • Scissors

  • Screen spline roller

  • Tape measure

Window screens allow fresh air to enter the home without excessive amounts of dust, debris, and allergens coming in as well. If windows are going to be left open for any great length of time, you should install window screens. You can repair or replace the screens as needed to maintain the air quality within the home. Some newer screen materials are woven more tightly than earlier screens to increase the screen's dust and pollen reduction abilities.


Step 1

Inspect the current window screens and look at the material used to make them. The newest materials available as of 2010 allow fresh air to enter the home while greatly reducing the amount of pollen and dust that comes through the screen. You can find material with up to 650 holes per square inch that provides less dust, a clearer view, and a steady stream of fresh air.

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Step 2

Visit a local home supply or hardware store to locate the new window screen material. Purchase rolls of the material so that you can update the existing window screens. You can have a professional company install new window screens, but an individual can save money by changing and installing the screens himself.


Step 3

Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the window screen frame carefully out of the window. Remove all of the window screens and lay them on a flat surface. Measure the frames to determine how you need to cut the new material.

Step 4

Remove the old window screen material by cutting it away from the frame with a knife. Use scissors to cut the new window screen material and ensure that it is slightly larger than the actual frame. The Service Magic website explains that you can use a roller to force the screen securely into the spline of the frame.


Step 5

Pull the screen tightly as you secure it into the frame with the roller. After you have installed the screen into the window screen frame, you can place the frame back into the window. Align the screen before carefully popping it back into place.

Step 6

Observe the difference that the new window screens make in reducing the amount of dust in the home. According to the Clean Air Window Screens website, installing new window screens will cut down on the amount of time spent cleaning the home. Allergy sufferers should also notice a difference in their breathing because of the reduced levels of dust and pollens in the home.


Use caution when removing window screens especially on two-story homes. Never leave a window open when small children are around. If a window is lower and the child pushes on the screen, it is possible for the child to fall out of the window and sustain serious or fatal injuries.


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