How to Make a Fishing Net for Kids

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire hanger

  • Mesh netting

  • Scissors

  • Tape measure

  • Duct tape

  • Long boot lace

  • Wooden pole, 2 feet long

Most fishing nets are too big for kids to use comfortably.

Fishing is a great summer activity for kids: It allows them to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine outdoors, it gets them off the couch and exercising, and it teaches them the importance of having patience. However, when it comes to fishing with nets, most nets are made for adults and thus too unwieldy and heavy for kids to comfortably hold. Having kids make their own fishing nets allows them to do some creative crafting before going out to catch fish.


Step 1

Bend a wire hanger into a smooth, circle shape. Try to get it to look as perfect as possible. Straighten the hook part of the hanger.

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Step 2

Cut a piece of plastic mesh so that it is in the shape of a circle that has a 4-foot diameter. Cut 12-inch strips of duct tape that are 1/2-inch wide.


Step 3

Wrap the circumference of the mesh around the wire hanger. Hold them in place by wrapping strips of duct tape around the mesh and hanger, adhering them together. Pull on the mesh gently to make sure you have attached it well.

Step 4

Thread one end of a long shoe lace around the duct tape and wrap it all around the hanger to make perfectly sure that the mesh won't fall off. Knot the two ends of the shoelaces together once they have made it all around the net.

Step 5

Wrap the straightened hook of the hanger around a wooden stick. Secure it in place by wrapping large pieces of duct tape around it.


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